Specializing in small batch Electronics assembly for cottage industries and makers.

Cyber EAS
Electronics Assembly Services

About Us​

Cyber EAS was created to allow cottage industries and makers to outsource small batch assembly of their electronic devices.

Cottage Industries and makers often reach a point where they no longer have the time to both produce their wares and run their business, but they don’t need the quantities required to outsource to a large manufacturer. Cyber EAS allows you to outsource assembly of your electronic devices to an experienced company so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Cyber EAS allows you to dropship your raw materials and have finished product assembled, tested, packaged, and shipped to a warehouse or distribution point of your choosing. And we can deal in quantities as low as 20 units a month.

We can work with!​

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi series of small single-board computers that can be used as the base for many Electronic devices, and it makes a great base for projects requiring graffics or processing power. Cyber EAS can assemble your Pi based devices, copy custom SD cards, and test them for you.


The Arduino is an microcontroller based electronic board designed for prototyping but inexpensive enough that it works well for simple electronic devices to be built around it. Our services include burning of your code to the microcontroller and assembly of your device.

Custom Boards

Having your own custom circuit boards produced, we can assemble products around these too. Have your boards produced at one of the many board manufactures and drop-shipped to Cyber EAS for final assembly into the case, attachment of accessories, and packaging.